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Maine Event Will Feature East Coast flavor

On the evening of June 21, the setting will exude the fragrances of the East Coast. Actually the fragrance will be of fresh lobster cooking, accompanied by the aroma of wild Maine blueberries and Maine’s Shipyard Beer.

All of this will come about at Dunlap Codding in Film Row at 609 W. Sheridan Ave. to benefit the Oklahoma City Girls Art School. This yearly event is sponsored by the Onward Oklahoma Foundation, founded by Mark Mann and Marc Brockhaus. Since 2016, The Maine Event has raised $50,000 for local organizations.

The dinner centers around a taste of Maine summers: fresh lobster, hand-selected and flown directly to the Sooner State, where local chef Bruce Rinehart of Rococo prepares them. Also on the menu will be a dessert of wild Maine blueberries. Refreshments include Maine’s Shipyard beer and signature cocktails made from Maine’s Cold River blueberry vodka. Yum!

During the evening there will be a live auction.

The Girls Art School is an after-school visual arts program for at-risk elementary and middle school girls attending Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Tickets are $150 per person or $250 per couple. For information about sponsorships or tickets, call 405- 706-7484.

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